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Every student requesting college credit must be enrolled at a study site formally approved by Anchorsaway. The teaching leader(s) for that site are required to be certified by Anchorsaway in order to lead/teach these sessions. The course syllabus with the specifics for each paper will be sent to the student upon enrollment.

Check back soon for online enrollment. In the meantime, please call us at (317) 844-0381 for more information and instructions on how to enroll.

Course Credit:

At the present time, three (3) credit hours as a philosophy elective will be provided through Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis, IN. Crossroads is accredited through ABHE (The Association for Biblical Higher Education) and CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation). They are currently working on their accreditation with the North Central Association and should be finished with this within the next two to three years. Registration and payment for course credit must be requested on-line through Anchorsaway, Once registered, the student will be contacted by the person who will be grading their papers. This person is called a grader. The student will send all required papers to the grader who will read and assign a grade for that paper. Grades for each project will then be recorded and sent to the student.

Course Cost:

The cost is $540 to receive the three (3) hours course credit through Crossroads Bible College. Payment is to be made in full to Anchorsaway at the time of the online registration. This must be done by January 15, 2007 of the current year's Anchorsaway study.

Course Requirements:


A minimum 90% attendance at a formally recognized Anchorsaway study site is required to receive course credit. The site coordinator must provide verification of attendance at the completion of the course for credit to be approved.

If there is illness or sickness the student must provide a doctor's note and they will need to meet with the Teacher and watch the DVD for the lessons that were missed.


All papers are to be written using MLA format. See each paper for details on length. Pages are to be single-spaced, with 1" margins all around. The students name, Anchorsaway site, and assignment title must be on the first page in the upper left hand corner, with the student name and assignment title appearing on the remaining pages along with page numbering in the upper right corner.
  • Devotionals
    Complete all devotionals for classes taught (minimum 15) and have them checked on a week by week basis by the Anchorsaway teaching leader/Administrator/Small Group Leader.

  • Paper #1 - Movie review (3 pages)
    Select one movie from the movie list in the Anchorsaway Course Syllabus. Identify the underlying worldview, the basis for making your determination and how this worldview conflicts with the Christian worldview. When asked by a friend who embraces the worldview reflected in the film as to why the Christian does not agree with the principles taught in the movie, what would be your response? Taking into account your friend's background, experiences (religious and worldly) and general personality, what questions would you pose to your friend and what answers would you provide to those questions as related to the movie?

  • Paper #2 - Is the Christian worldview Judgmental and Intolerant? (3 pages)
    A scenario will be given presenting the idea that the Christian worldview is judgmental and intolerant. Write a paper based on the scenario that provides answers to this allegation. The paper should provide a scriptural understanding of the difference between this concept of "judgment" and the discernment that Christians are called upon to implement in every day life. It should also show that the student understands the concept of "hating the sin and loving the sinner."

  • Paper #3 - Book review (5 pages)
    Read "Total Truth" by Nancy Pearcey. Write a paper summarizing the four sections of the book, with the focus on the fourth section and how you are going to live it out. This paper should be written from the perspective of your current or intended area of study (i.e. A teacher, scientist, business person, lawyer, attorney, missionary, worker, etc.) More specifics will be given in the course requirements for this particular paper. This is a sizeable book and it should not be put off until the end of the Anchorsaway semester. It would be suggested that the student begin to read this book after the second week of class. This will allow for the Five Major Worldviews presented in the Anchorsaway material to be laid out clearly and provide somewhat of a foundation for the book.

  • Paper #4 - Practical application
    Identify a group of high school or college students, set up a meeting time and teach one of the subjects from the first eight lessons. The student will write a personal assessment of what was learned from teaching the session, and why it was selected. This teaching and paper can be done at any time during the Anchorsaway semester. However, it should be done after the specific lesson that the student has chosen to teach. The session must also be critiqued (graded) by either the teaching leader or administrator using the assessment sheet provided. (The teaching leader or administrator must be present.)
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